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If you know me at all, you know that I’m not keen on washing my hair. While I’m fully aware of the benefits in not washing your hair everyday (less breakage, more moisture, better protection, etc.) those aren’t exactly the reasons I don’t use shampoo on a regular basis. I’m always honest with you guys so here it goes, I’m lazy. That’s it. Let me rephrase that, I’m lazy when it comes to mundane tasks. Opening the mail in a timely fashion, putting laundry away, grocery shopping, washing my hair, etc.

Do you ever think about how much work goes into shampooing and rinsing and conditioning and rinsing and brushing and drying and styling? It’s basically exercise and by the time I’m done with everything I feel like I need to take another shower. If you don’t get sweaty doing your hair then you’re a unicorn and please, tell me your secrets!

Am I going to share with you the exact amount of time that passes in between shampooings? No. Most of you would probably stop talking to me out of sheer disgust and the rest of you would continue being my friend but only out of pity and you would definitely never come within ten feet of me ever again.

Let me put it this way, whenever I do manage to wash my hair I get compliments.

“You’re hair looks great!”

“Did you get your hair done? It looks good!”

So on and so forth. To which I always reply “No. I washed it!”

And that’s usually when everyone laughs uncomfortably and I leave the room so everyone can exchange awkward glances on my behalf. It’s fine, I chose this life and I understand that dirty hair isn’t for everyone.

HOWEVER, I’m here to announce that should you too decide that boycotting shampoo is in your future or you’re already living that hippie hair life I have just the thing to you help you on your journey!






ingredients, nicely packaged in a


And because I've dabbled in being a brunette a handful of times in my life, I am releasing two varieties! Your traditional blend that's great for BLONDES, and even disguises outgrowth, and a cocoa colored alternative for my BRUNETTES out there who have struggled with dry shampoos in the past because they made your color appear chalky or washed out.

I'm now taking PREORDERS!

See my wild 'n free shop on Etsy for more details!

Still skeptical? Totally get it (remember all that research I did for my baby registry.) For those of you who need reassurance, I got your back.

Check out the testimonials from my peer testers!

"Your [dry shampoo] really takes care of the oil and I can still play with it with my fingers. It definitely doesn’t make it feel stiff, which I can appreciate!"

"One of the first things I've noticed is the volume! It's great to use more than one day in a row and it doesn't have a ton of buildup!"

"I usually am only able to go every other day not washing hair and dry shampoo the day in between but today is the second day of dry shampoo with yours and it's great!"

Why dry shampoo you ask?

For years I used a variety of aerosols (Batiste, Not Your Mother’s, some off brand I found on clearance at TJ Maxx, etc.) but couldn’t help but feel guilty about my contributions to global warming. You’re rolling your eyes right now thinking “but Rebecca, you’d have to emit a lot of chlorofluorocarbons to have a notable impact”. To which I would reply, “I use A LOT of dry shampoo”.

Just ask anyone that has shared a dressing room with me in the past five years. Actually, if I were to guess there are probably significant holes in the parts of the stratosphere resting directly above theaters in general. Yes, I know that’s not how ozone depletion works and that the emissions from my aerosol cans have quite the journey before they even reach the troposphere and chances are they don’t rise straight up but it’s a comical thought.

Also, I couldn't pronounce most of, if any, of the ingredients in the other brand. After I spent an afternoon googling, I discovered they were just more of those harmful chemicals that I'm always ranting about and encouraging others to avoid. Lovely, I wasted hours of my life only to find out I'm crowning myself with poison. Cool.

Now I consider myself kind of a dry shampoo connoisseur. You know how some people intimately know wine and can recommend the perfect dry red to go with your t-bone in their sleep. I know dry shampoo. And I know this one is great.

So check out my shop page for more details and to get in on this PREORDER

Orders will ship Monday, December 2nd!

And just because I'm feeling merry and bright,

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Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.

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