Better Beauty. Better Health.

May was Mental Health Awareness Month.

And boy was I aware. Unfortunately I was aware because my mental health was a mess. Without going into the gory details, I spent a lot of time crying under a spell of self-doubt and wondering what was the point of it all. This should explain my extended absence from social media and my blog. While I believe that being open and honest about mental health is one of the major keys to eliminating it’s stigma, I couldn’t manage to write anything but “I want to die” and that wouldn’t exactly help my cause.

Don’t worry, I’m better now. Let me rephrase that, I’m better “for now.”

Good mental health, like happiness, isn’t a landing-place. It’s simply part of the journey. This journey just happens to be really really difficult sometimes; (especially if you’ve been lost in the labyrinth that is bipolar) you know, like when your grandparents told you their walk to school was uphill both ways,

in subzero temps,

and there were wolves after them.

But my steep hills, freezing cold temperatures and vicious, hungry wolves were all in my head, which, in my opinion, might be even scarier than real vicious, hungry wolves.

Part of surviving my most recent depressive episode led me down an especially homeopathic route that consisted of essential oils, crystal healing, reiki and much to my husband’s dismay, eliminating the use of real-people deodorant because I read somewhere that the ingredients in your average stick of antiperspirant have been linked to a laundry list of health issues including, but not limited to: tumor growth, breast cancer, early onset of puberty and interruptions of the endocrine system.

My thought, I’m rubbing toxic chemicals in my armpits, it’s no wonder I’m losing my mind.

Disclaimer: I am still researching connections between the chemicals in personal care products and mental illness but in the meantime, I figured there was no harm in eliminating harmful chemicals and hopefully reducing my chances of developing further health issues. I mean, who wants to be crazy AND have a tumor? No thanks.

Turns out deodorant was just the beginning.

My hairdresser insisted that I could find unsafe chemicals in everything from my family’s laundry detergent to my makeup. Certainly this wasn’t true. I went out of my way to spend $40 on a foundation marketed as “cruelty free” and “vegan” but sure enough, I found more than one ingredient linked to hormone dysfunction and organ, developmental and reproductive toxicity.

Someone should really do a better job of defining the term “cruelty free.”

Oddly enough, I make my own essential oil based fly repellent for our horses because the store bought stuff simply smells like chemical warfare and I’m currently managing our dog’s epileptic spells with acupuncture and herbal medication. I go above and beyond in trying not to expose our animals to unnecessary and unsafe ingredients but I’ll just go ahead and let myself and my family literally shower in them. Don’t worry, the irony is not lost on me. Which is why I’ve slowly started replacing our existing personal care products with natural, eco-conscious, non-toxic and generally safer options.

This brings me to my newest adventure with BeautyCounter, a company who prides themselves in providing “innovative and high-performing” personal care products. A one stop shop for make-up, skin care, hair care, and bath and body products for adults AND children. All of it created using “an industry-leading standard of safety” by adhering to an extensive selection process and eliminating more than 1500 questionable chemicals from their ingredients list.

Hello, where do I sign?

That question is obviously rhetorical because I already signed. Duh.

I deserve better beauty.

And so do you.

Visit my personal BeautyCounter website. https://www.beautycounter.com/rebeccarinnpowell

Message me with questions.


Let me help you find safer personal care products.

As if no longer rubbing formaldehyde on your face isn’t incentive enough (yes, I said formaldehyde, and yes, it’s probably in your makeup) BeautyCounter has a great promotion for new members who spend $50, but only if you like FREE stuff. I never say never but I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like FREE stuff. Actually, I still want to hear from you if you don’t like free stuff because you my friend, are an oddity and I have questions.

Anyway, join the Band of Beauty, spend $50 and receive a FREE Precision Liquid Eyeliner and a FREE Instant Eye Makeup Remover. See, this company is so cool that they give you a free product and then another free product to remove the first free product. Genius.

In the meantime, I’ll keep on the positive affirmations, reiki and crystal healing so that I don’t leave you all in the dark for over a month.





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