2018, the best you've ever seen

2018 is over and sheesh, what a whirlwind.

I got married! (again),

moved across the country! (again),

started a new job! (again)...

okay, so maybe my life is a whirlwind and 2018 is just another year in my saga.

Either way, as I reflect on the last year I am overwhelmed by the number of “favorite” moments I had. Most of which coincidentally revolve around the fact that I got married, moved across the country and started a new job. Also, I realize that we’re four days into the new year and that most reflection posts have come and gone but have you met me? It’s not like I’m claiming to report current events here.

Moving on.

The trend this year was to create a collage of your “top nine” photos on Instagram. At the very last minute I followed suit, but quickly found myself irritated that I was limited to nine. And then I found myself confused because apparently you weren’t supposed to select your own photos but instead you were supposed to download some app or go to some website where your top nine were auto-generated based on likes and comments. No offense to my readers, followers and overall fan club (still looking for a President by the way) but some of those were throwbacks and one was a selfie simply meant to demonstrate my neverending struggles with hair growth. They weren’t necessarily an accurate reflection of my 2018.

Okay, so maybe trying to growing my hair out was a substantial part of it but someday when I’m regaling tales from the year that I wed an amazing dude, became a mother to not one, but two horses and lived seaside while working a dream job that allowed me to be substantially more present in Rinn’s life, I doubt I’ll include “and my hair grew just past my shoulders!”

Truth be told, dancing with hair that touches my neck makes me extra sweaty and as it turns out, ponytails give me a headache so I cut it off on January 2nd. I’ll probably live out my days with a blonde bob and I’m totally okay with that.

You wouldn’t believe it but this post wasn’t supposed to be this long. I simply wanted an outlet to post more than nine favorite moments; you know, save my breath since “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So without further ado, I present to you my gallery of a lot more than nine pictures which I have cleverly named:

2018, The Best You’ve Ever Seen.

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