My sense of frugality is funny. As long as I can use a coupon or apply some type of discount code I think I am getting the deal of a lifetime. A clothing rack marked 25% off is my kryptonite, regardless if I’m still spending $40 on a kids golf polo.

Then there are things that fall under the category I affectionately call “shit I can do myself.” Mostly this applies to cheap home decor, wall art and halloween costumes.

You want $50 for a Tyrannosaurus costume?

You’re out of your damn mind. Where’s my cardboard and duct tape?

Then there was a time some store wanted to charge $70 for a picture of a chandelier. After having a mild “this isn’t even a real chandelier” fit I marched out of the store and into my garage where I grabbed a bunch of power tools and went all “I am woman hear me roar”. I spent a whopping $6 assembling and painting my own masterpiece. That’s about the time I fell down the rabbit hole of painting as a side hustle.

This list of things I refuse to pay money for because I know I can do it bigger and obviously better is slowly growing. Most recently it includes Christmas decorations (more on that in a later post) and annual school pictures.

By default, I was able to avoid paying for them last year. Homeschooling has many perks.

This year, I simply said no. I know, weird.

I found the order form in Rinn’s take-home folder, scoffed at the prices and used it as a protective barrier between the kitchen table and whatever craft project I was working on at the time. Of course this didn’t mean that Rinn didn’t take great care and pride in selecting an outfit and smiling big on that special day (he will probably appear in some type of yearbook after all.)

But as it turns out I have a camera, and I’ve gotten pretty handy with said camera.

Also I have access to an easy-to-use online image editor, Pixlr Express. And before you even ask, it’s FREE. I wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t. And unlike Photoshop it won’t result in tears and you seriously considering committing yourself to a mental institution.

Parenting is hard, editing photos doesn’t have to be.

I’ll admit however, my subject makes it pretty easy.

This blog post contains affiliate links. I might be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale. Of course I would only recommend things that I personally use and love

(or at the very least find comical.)

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