"Kylo Rinn" and his un-merry band of bulbous bad guys

My approach to life can be best described as all or nothing.

This blog for instance. Half of the year you’re inundated with posts, pictures and videos on a weekly basis and the other half you’re wondering if I still have a pulse. Radio silence.

Halloween is no different.

If I were normal I would simply celebrate the fact that I found Rinn’s costume. In August. On clearance. Take him trick or treating so I could raid his candy stash for 3 Musketeers and live happily ever after. But like most things, I have to turn it into a song and dance.

Take last year for instance. Rinn wanted to be leather Elvis, which was cool and all and then suddenly I’m living out my dreams as a backup singer while we pose for our Christmas card. It all escalated so quickly.

This year he had his heart set on being Deadpool.

Superhero, I thought. Great. I did some research and found out Deadpool has a blind sidekick who wears a blue velour tracksuit. I love a good tracksuit, I was in. And then I saw the movie. It was hilarious. It was debaucherous. It was depraved. But hell would freeze over before Rinn dressed as him for Halloween. Back to the drawing board.

Enter Kylo Ren, or as I affectionately call him “Kylo Rinn”. It was fate.

But we couldn’t stop there. Suddenly a clearance rack costume turned into painting a pumpkin army of supporting characters and then we’re doing a photo shoot in the woods because my brain never stops and I think all of my ideas are amazing.

Unfortunately, my all or nothing approach sometimes collides with illusions of grandeur and then my ideas aren’t so amazing; like the time I moved in with a guy I met on Myspace who asked me to shave his back. Or the time I adopted a german shepherd puppy from the humane society while living in a college dorm room. Hashtag, evicted.

But this idea turned out pretty awesome.

Rinn and I had a great time making the pumpkins. He had the tasking job of painting the back of them a solid color. So stressful. And he was even more eager to channel his inner badass and romp around the woods wielding a lightsaber while donning his most villainous look.

Enter “Kylo Rinn” and his un-merry band of bulbous bad guys.

Side note: If you too want to take up pumpkin painting, I present to you the following advice:

1. Wash your pumpkins with soap and water to rid them of dirt and debris.

2. Allow them to reach room temperature. Condensation is real and ruinous.

3. Prep them with an acrylic gesso. I prefer this one:

4. Paint whatever your heart desires and allow to dry completely.

5. Seal your artwork with Mod Podge, this will prevent scratches and wear.

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