The Fur Child

I suck at blogging.

Hilarity is still a frequent occurrence in my day-to-day affairs and I still err on the side of funny, or so they tell me, but I’m busy. The works-6-days-a-week, chases-a-toddler-from-preschool-to-dance-to-basketball, has-a-relationship-of-the-romantic-variety, carries-13-credits kind of busy. I poop at the grocery store more then I poop at home and in the throes of tourist season I spend more time bathing my horse then I do my own child. Find the time to document my absurd life in more than 140 characters? Laughable.

Those infrequent spare moments are usually spent napping in 20 minute increments, supervising the construction of a Paw Patrol puzzle or looking at pictures of clothes I’ll never own and baby animals on Pinterest. With that said, let me introduce you to the newest member of the band, Tui (rhymes with “chewy.”)

Because the most logical thing to do when you’re already overextended is to throw a furry hand grenade at your life. In his defense, he’s a good dog. Okay, he’s not a bad dog. I’ll reserve the adjective “good” for when he stops trying to devour all of Rinn’s stuffed animals with the same fervor that I consume a bottle of pinot. Put Rinn and Tui together however, and well, you know the chaotic scene from Kindergarten Cop where it’s Arnold’s first day as a substitute teacher and all the children are behaving like wild animals; wild animals with fingerpaints and the ability to throw anything that isn’t nailed down? It’s that, tenfold. There’s nipping and defensive headlocks, barking and shrill screams of delight and/or terror, pinching and clawing and one of them has always just farted so the entire scene smells like our septic system needs to be flushed.

I scream, they cry, everyone goes to timeout while I google “tubal ligation” and “where to buy animal tranquilizers” for me and the dog, but mostly for me.

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