Year One

To my dearest Rinn,

Happy of happiest birthdays to you, my bug!

The past year has been absolutely incredible. Every smile, every laugh, every precious moment spent with you has been, quite simply, a miracle. I'm choosing, of course, to overlook last week when you made my nose bleed by trying to go "night night" on my face, but I suppose if I had to choose someone to break my nose, it would be you my tiny, fluffy head.

And while on this day you will be showered with presents from all the people in your life who love you, I can't help but think that I'll be the one receiving the best gift of all. Because of you, I now have the capacity to feel boundless and unconditional love. My heart grew in that moment when I first saw you and it hasn't stopped; it continues to swell with love and adoration even still.

I love you, my little nugget. Today, and every day after, is yours. Happy Birthday!

Forever yours,


Your biggest fan

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