The CareBear Prophecy

At some point in my early years I was given a handmade Care Bear, the Bedtime Bear to be specific. In my opinion, the aunt that bestowed this gift upon me might have also greatly impacted my passion for naps. I like them lengthy, and I like them often. I sometimes think that if she had given me the Love-A-Lot Bear I wouldn’t be such a judgmental bitch but where is the fun in that.

Through what I can only describe as some sort of miraculous phenomenon, I still have this bear. If hoarders are at one end of the spectrum, then I’m on the polar opposite; everything in my possession gets thrown out, given away or auctioned off on eBay. This happens mostly because I hate packing things and then subsequently moving them. I’m on my fourth mattress in six years because I always just leave them behind. Hey, grab that bag of stuffed animals and those 38 pairs of shoes I’ve worn all of one time but go ahead and leave the bed?

Taking this small memento of my past and making it part of my future was just too great an opportunity to pass up. Also, how freaking cute are these pictures?

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