We All Scream

I’m not a fan of Rachel Bilson, so I was totally fine with her becoming completely irrelevant after The O.C. wrapped its final season. Then she became Karl Lagerfeld’s pet project and the face of Magnum Ice Cream and suddenly she has her own show on The C.W. Why can’t I be Lagerfield’s pet; we both consider diet Coke to be a sort of life blood and I admire him for making clean-sheet-day every day. Bilson, that whore.

I vowed to stop eating those wonderful ice cream treats in protest, but seriously, have you ever had the white chocolate ones? They make me weak in the knees. So Rinn and I watch Hart of Dixie only to scoff at Bilson while indulging in the very thing that probably initiated her comeback. Meh, as long as I have my dessert.

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