Yogurt Cake, follow-up

I’m not big on thinking things through. Organization, for the most part, is overrated and planning? What is that word? I don’t know it. I could wear holes in the floor with how frequently I’m retracing my steps because I’m unable to remember one thing or another, usually I’ve forgotten to put on pants, and I definitely did not have a birth plan. My only instruction was to not let my husband anywhere near the business end of things, unless they wanted to add his resuscitation to that day’s itinerary. He had no desire to see it and I spent way too much time braiding my hair and putting on fake eyelashes that morning for him to be looking at anything but my beautiful face.

This disregard for strategy also plays in a big role in my blog posts. Obviously I didn’t put much thought into the repercussions in writing about Rinn’s unmentionables; I suppose it’s a wait-and-see how that will play out for him later in life. Also, it wasn’t but moments after I posted “yogurt cake” that I realized I provided the recipe and only speculations about how I managed to mess it up. That afternoon I used Twitter for something useful (instead of shameless self-promotion and pestering celebrities about their haircuts) and contacted the author of Bringing Up Bébé, Pamela Druckerman, to get some insider tips.

She confirmed my suspicions about the mixing (don’t overdo it) and that WHOLE MILK YOGURT is crucial. I bought Greek. My bad for thinking yogurt is yogurt. For round two, I couldn’t find a single yogurt that said “whole milk” so I ended up buying just regular plain yogurt (not light or low-fat because let’s face it, making diet cakes are an exercise in futility) and since no one in their right minds eats regular plain yogurt (because it tastes like old, wet cardboard) I was unable to find it in the 6 oz. single serve containers. So what did I do, buy the family sized plain yogurt AND two individual Yoplait Red Velvet Cake yogurts for measuring purposes, which I consumed on the way home because shopping for the elusive whole milk yogurt left me famished and close to exhaustion.

Fast forward: the cake turned out wonderfully turning my B- into a solid A+, combine that with my B for patience (I lost points when I couldn’t wait and inhaled yogurt treats on my way home), and then throw in a couple extra credit points for my problem solving skills and I’ve earned myself a much deserved A.

Cheers! (or as the French would say Santè!)

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