Labor of Love

Labor Day 2012

South Beach, Port Washington, WI

My only labor is that of love, but who says that can’t be celebrated with a day at the beach. Rinn played with sand for very first time and amazingly, wasn’t tempted to put handfuls of it in his mouth. He also drooled enough to make his own pool and would spend very little time in the actual lake. My husband and I learned that egg salad sandwiches do NOT make for a great picnic lunch at the beach and that when focusing on not forgetting to pack anything Rinn-related, we forgot to put on swimsuits ourselves. Ah duh.

On a more serious note:

“Always kiss your children good night; even if they’re already asleep.”

–H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Posting our celebratory Labor Day pictures seems insensitive in the light of the drowning of local teenager, Tyler Buczek. Rescue boats were still combing the waters as Rinn played in the sand but in that moment I was just so happy to be blessed with such a beautiful baby boy.

The Buczek’s loss has struck a very sensitive nerve within myself. 10 years ago this October my little sister was killed in a tragic accident; she too was a freshman, having only a taste high school, when the vehicle she was riding in collided with a semi-trailer truck due to immense fog. These two horrible tragedies have nothing in common other than that both victims were at such a tender age and had much more to live for. I didn’t know Tyler and I don’t know his family but what I do know is their pain. I have watched my parents live the last decade in mourning, as you never quite recover from the loss of a child. Now, I am a parent myself and I finally understand the indescribable love that mothers and fathers have for their children.

I pray for them, and for every parent.

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