My name is

Rebecca Rinn Powell,

formerly Rebecca Rinn.


I was born and raised in Wisconsin which explains my affinity for booze, great jackets and serial killer documentaries but I have also been spotted in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and Missouri. I have lived many lives including that of a pre-professional ballerina, administrative drone and Milwaukee Magazine “Bar Time” columnist (or as I affectionately called myself, ‘a paid drunk’.)


My unusual childhood, my struggle with the demands of adulting and my borderline alcoholism made for hilarious and bizarre stories which I took great pleasure in regaling at happy hour.


“Your life isn’t real,” they’d say.

“How are you still alive,” they’d wonder.

“You should write a book,” they’d suggest.


Instead, I started a lifestyle blog, Someone Put Rum In My Milkshake, in 2010; which served as an outlet for me to share with the world my debaucherous and self-deprecating tales.


A year later, I was pregnant. A happy accident that you can read more about HERE.  

My son Rinn was born in February of 2012 and I made the transition to 'mom blogger'.


Before you ask, no his name is not Rinn Rinn. 

He has his father’s last name. I might be crazy but I’m not cruel.


I spent the next several years balancing single-parenthood with being a full-time student, dancer, aerialist and equestrian performer in Branson, MO.  We also embarked on a journey into homeschooling that was short-lived because Rinn wanted “real friends.”


Someone Put Rum In My Milkshake endured.


In late 2017 I shared the stage with a man in a jumpsuit named Travis Powell. I danced, he crooned Elvis tunes, and in early 2018 embracing the moto 'when you know, you know', we said “I do”. We went from a family of two to a family of four, and through one of life's more pleasant surprises, will be adding a fifth in March of 2020!


You can read more about our “love story” HERE.

Oh and HERE.

Fair warning, it involves fleas and a certain amount of deceit involving a camper.


Fast forward to present day.


We now live happily ever after in South Carolina

with our two horses.

How’d we end up with horses, you ask.

I’ve got that covered, read it HERE.

As for Someone Put Rum in Milkshake, 

well it transitioned into

wild 'n free

in early 2019 and now features

stories on parenthood,

being an Elvi wife,

and our lives in general

as we pursue a more homeopathic and natural lifestyle;

from the perils and pitfalls (of which there are many)

to the pride and pleasures (of which there are many more.)



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